Comedy shows tba...

Height: 6ft 

Hair Color: Black

Eyes Color: Brown


Location: Los Angeles, CA

Upcoming Projects


Warby Parker | Alice Mathias

Google | Lena Beug

Donut Shop | Fred Savage

Indeed | Fredrik Bond

Spotify | JimJam

Panera Bread | Sara Shelton

Special Skills

Fluent in Spanish 

Frisbee tossing

Liquid chugging

Singing - Tenor

Training & Workshops

Taming of the Shrew | Tranio | OKC Shakespeare in the Park​

The Laramie Project | Roles of Andy Paris | Berg Theatre​

Misalliance | Gunner | OKC Shakespeare in the Park​

Romeo and Juliet | Paris | OKC Shakespeare in the Park​

UCB | Advanced Improv 

Groundlings | Advanced Improv

The Class | Lindsey Weissmueller

Keep It Real Acting | Stacy Edwards

Killian's Workshop | Killian McHugh

Oklahoma City University | BFA in Acting


Menudo Presenta Noches en el Sanctum | Host | UCB Show

The Groundlings Diversity Show | Ensemble | The Groundlings Stage​

Yacht Club | UCB Messhall Team | UCB Sunset​